Tracking Hot, Sexy & Busty Jessica Simpson

You Type & they obey!

Oh Sweet Sweet Jessica !

Let it we see it all..

I wonder how these hot chics can even resist themselves when they seem themselves in the mirror...

Is cup size a measure of a woman’s attractiveness? Up to now, scientists have generally supported this male fantasy, that bigger is better. Since female curves first develop in puberty, says the conventional wisdom, Mother Nature selected the breast for evolution both as a promise of sex and to attract a mate for life. Big breasts were meant to ensure that man and child maintained a lasting interest in the breasts’ human appendage. The theory held that the more voluptuous the form, the more successful the female, measured in reproductive terms. In reality, most men prefer medium to smaller breasts."

Now where did that absolute truth come from ? Comes from Dochunny ! - Read about her article on sex and body language Here.

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