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The Jessica Simpson Lips

A couple of years ago, the BBC carried an article which read "Lip Size Key to Sexual Attraction" - In case you missed out on that one - Click here to read. Boy isn't that almost true ! Angelina Jolie's lips are probably the only things I like in her - and our Jessica Simpson rates very high in desirable lips too !! Check out those hot sexy Jessica Simpson Lips in these photos !

Well that's about lips - can't help noticing those inviting sexy eyes either , which reminds me - this hottie was recently voted as pop-music's sexiest-eyed star - Thanks to a Rohto V. Sexiest Eyes Survey. ( Well - I am sure half of you are gonna google that one right away ;-) )

And how did Nick Lachey perform - Naaah Usher-da-dude beat him on that one :-)

The other day I was reading a blog claiming that her lips were fake - I mean altered by surgery to maintain that pouty pout..

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