Tracking Hot, Sexy & Busty Jessica Simpson

You Type & they obey!


Just when we all thought that Nick was about to cut his love life back into shape - reporters feel Nick's trial cuts will probably not result in more than a measly nick - coz' if speculations are true - Jessica Simpson is kinda busy already with another hunk simply identified so far as "Freddy" .

Mind you I am not committing the new dude as a love interest, business interest or any other interest ;-)
Check him out in these pics..and checking back again to see how this rumor is developed and executed by the media hawks ..he he

Given the way media is clinically dissecting her life and whereabouts - looks like our hottie Jessica Simpson might soon have to don some Military uniform and protect herself

Go Jessica Simpson !


Boy...this cant be actually happening ! It's amazing how rumors begin and then ignite into forest fire proportions and even spread like them AND then - two rumor factories fight one another. The latest word was that Jennifer Anniston and Jessica Simpson are phone pals - I mean ..text pals.. and how they were helping each other cope up with the divorce shit. And what is even more latest is that Jennifer Anniston reported slammed reporters saying that they made that dumb thing about text pals.. So now who's calling names to each other ? 'In Touch Weekly' and 'Life and Style'

And guess how these two tabloids are abusing each other ...text messaging..he he..

Yeah u guessed it ..the last sentence was made up crap ;-) but all esle is true - I swear on this blog

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