Tracking Hot, Sexy & Busty Jessica Simpson

You Type & they obey!


She done it again....thrilled people out of their pants again...with the boots song on-stage at the People's choice awards night.

Makes us kinda thing..Nick must be watching with a heart thats running slow. Love bites!


Let me quote a really cool quote from . It goes "Breasts are like ice cream sundaes to men, and the mind-blowing hint of hard nipples isn't just the cherry: It's more like the whip cream, the chocolate sauce, the chopped nuts, the caramel sprinkles, and the cherry on top. They're a sneak preview of what lies beneath, and they fill our heads with delicious imagery. So take off the damn sweater, please."

Bullseyes....No wonder this hot Jessica Simpson picture is yet another reason why she makes me crazy all the time...

Check out this interesting gallery of cleavages Here.

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